Continuous Publication of STATUS - Date of Publication: 27. November 2019 - Date of Verification: 30. November 2019

:Octavia-Rubina: Torildatter.©

National Sovereign Woman

Secured Party Creditor

UCC Filing No.: 2020 324 2626 5

LLC-ID: ORT0002-13022019

UCC Financing

Statement filed

© Trade-Name


National Sovereign

Filed at the UN

Claim of life

Notarized & Inscribed;

"Book of the Living"

Security Agreement

Statement filed Washington State Department of Licensing

Copyright Notice


Affidavit of non corporate status


Power of Attorney in fact



You are advised to read the following notice thoroughly and carefully. It is a lawful notice. It informs you. It means what it says. I hereby give Copyright Notice:

Copyright Notice: All rights reserved by copyright of Trade-Name/Trade-Mark, LENEA RUBINA HYLDGÅRD© as well as any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said Trade-Name/Trade-Mark - Copyright©2019 by :Octavia-Rubina: Torildatter.© Said Trade-Name/Trade-Mark, LENEA RUBINA HYLDGÅRD© may neither be used, nor reproduced, neither in whole nor in part, nor in any manner whatsoever, without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgement of :Octavia-Rubina: Torildatter.© as signified by the hand-signed, blue-ink autograph, blue-ink thumbprint, red seal stamp and Sovereign press seal of :Octavia-Rubina: Torildatter.© hereinafter “Secured Party”. The full text can be read in the document ORT 211020_CN COPYRIGHT NOTICE, and Certificate of Assumed Name ORT 211020_COAN. Further Secured Party is insured against all claims as fully described in Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement ORT 211020_HHIA and Security Agreement ORT 211020_SA

Permanent Status

I am a Sovereign living breathing flesh-and-blood Woman of the Land - not a legal fiction!

Published Documents:

UCC FINANCING STATEMENT No.: 2020-324-2626-5, Declaration of Sovereignty No.: ORT 211020_DS,  Global Rescinding of Signatures No.: ORT 211020_GRS, Affidavit of Non Corporate Status No.: ORT 211020_ANCS,  Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement ORT 211020_HHIA, Security Agreement ORT 211020_SA, Power of Attorney in Fact No.: ORT 211020_PAIF, Terms & Conditions No.: ORT 211020_TC, Notice to Agents No.: ORT 211020_NTA, COPYRIGHT NOTICE No.: ORT 211020_CN, Claim of Life No.: ORT0002-13022019, Certificate of Assumed Name No.: ORT 211020_COAN, Certifikat for det Antagede navn [DK] No.: RR18-803-548-6-DK,  Limitation of Jurisdiction LR 220220_PCM.

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