Permanent change of Status

All listed below are the Registered Trade-Names/Trade-Marks© belonging to Real Sovereign living flesh-and-blood Men and Women of the Land - Not a creation of privat law! Status change to: Secured Party Creditor! All variations of said Trade-Names are copyrighted©!

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Trade-Name/Living Name

Not a Man of Straw - Not an ENS·LEGIS

Not a creature of privat law

LENEA RUBINA HYLDGÅRD© :Octavia-Rubina: Torildatter.©

RIKKE LOUISE URSIN JENSEN© :Rikke-Louise-Ursin: Jensen.©

JERRY HYLDAHL OLSEN© :Jerry-Hyldahl: Olsen.©

JOHN KIM HJORTDRUP ANDERSEN© :John-Kim-Hjortdrup: Andersen.©

CATRINE MARLENE CHRISTENSEN© : Catrine-Marlene: Christensen.©

MICHAEL LAURIDSEN HJORT© :Michael-Lauridsen: Hjort.©

EVA PERNILLE SUNDSTRUP NIELSON© :Eva-Pernille-Sundstrup: Nielson.©

PETTER NIKLAS HÖJKLINT© :Petter-Niklas: Höjklint.©

LENE HEIBERG BONDESEN© :Lene-Heiberg: Bondesen.©

DANNY BUNE© :Danny: Bune.©

TONNY LÆBEL© :Tonny: Læbel.©

MARK EMIL WILSTRUP HANSEN© :Mark-Emil-Wilstrup: Hansen.©

ALVIRAVIGDIS BERTAMARIE BELLAKARLA VIGANDTSEN© :Alviravigdis-Bertamarie-Bellakarla: Vigandtsen,©

MICHAEL KONSTANTINOS KASTIS© :Michael-Konstantinos: Kastis.©

MATHEW SILVER VAALDEMAR MOGENSEN© :Mathew-Silver-Vaaldemar: Mogensen.©

KIM JACOB SCHMOCK© :Kim-Jacob: Schmock.©

MARAVIK DEL CARMEN RIVERA JULIO© :Maravik-Del-Carmen-Rivera: Julio.©

KARIN PIA GRATIA EKSTRÖM© :Karin-Pia-Gratia: Ekström.©

JENS ERIK KROGH© :Jens-Erik: Krogh.©

ANNETTE JENSEN© :Annette: Jensen.©

DENNIS LØNBJERG JENSEN© :Dennis-Lønbjerg: Jensen.©

FREDERIK IBSEN NØRGAARD© :Frederik-Ibsen: Nørgaard.©

KARINA CHRISTENSEN© :Karina: Christensen.©

LOUISE DISSING OLESEN BUSTED© :Louise-Dissing-Olesen: Busted.©

JESPER KROG© :Jesper: Krog.©

PIOTR PAWEL PODHAJNY© :Piotr-Pawel: Podhajny.©

MICHAEL BROBY LORENZEN© :Michael-Broby: Lorenzen.©

MARION BROBY LORENZEN© :Marionl-Broby: Lorenzen.©

MARIA METTE SCOTT ENEMARK© :Maria-Mette-Scott: Enemark.©

ALEX LINDBERG© :Alex: Lindberg.©

MARK RYDING SØNDERSTED© :Mark-Ryding: Søndersted.©

KOLBRÚN GUNNARSDÓTTIR© :Kolbrún: Gunnarsdóttir.©

RENÉ YDERHOLM© :René: Yderholm.©

NIKOLEJ KASTOR LIND© :Nikolej-Kastor: LInd.©

MALENE PHI LIND© :Malene-Phi: LInd.©

GREG HARTMUT BROGHAMMER© :Greg-Hartmut: Broghammer.©

SOPHUS LEOPOLD SEBBASTIAN TOFT© :Sophus-Leopold-Sebbastian: Toft.©

ROSAMYNTHE AMAHLIE DALGAARD© :Rosamynthe-Amahlie: Dalgaard.©

MORTEN RUNEFELT WØHLK© :Morten-Runefelt: Wøhlk.©

HELEN BIRGITTA WESTPHALEN OLSEN© :Helen-Birgitta-Westphalen: Olsen.©

ANSSOFIE CRISTINA TOFT SCHOU© :Anssofie-Cristina-Toft: Schou.©

KLAUUS OLIVER MILLER© :Klauus-Oliver: Miller.©

GITTE KIRSTINE MILLER© :Gitte-Kirstine: Miller.©

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permanently changed status