Council of The Seven Acephali

Council of The Seven Acephali

Transition Government

Free nation of Danmark

25. march 2020

High Assize, established 11th Juli 2018

Peoples High Court


26. mai 2019

Council of the seven Acephali is a multi-dimensional organisation consisting of sovereign living men and women of the land. We are all born on the land not fictions of private law, and we have worked focused to form an organisation whose sole purpose is the liberation of the native nationals born on the land, from the foreign corporate occupational force known as "KINGDOM OF DENMARK".

Council of the Seven [Sovereign Entities Victoriously Engaging Now.] Acephali consists of seven local self-governing councils covering the following geographical areas:

1. Council - Vendsyssel.

2. Council - Nordjylland.

3. Council - Østjylland.

4. Council - Vestjylland.

5. Council - Sydjylland.

6. Council - Fyn & Øerne

7. Council - Sjælland

International Organisation

In Danmark we count 428 members and Council of the Seven Acephali are located in the following countries world wide, making us a true International Organisation:











Pourto Rico


The Council consists of 268 active counsellors men and women. We form the only lawful sovereign High Assize in the nation of Danmark [Highest Court].

A High Assize is a tradition in Law from Scotland, and consists of only 15 men or women, to form a law giving assembly. That does not sound like a lot, but in fact it is the highest requirement in Europe to form a high court. The standard in most of Europe is the Roman; Decemviri, but it only consists of 10 men. We hare now over 268 - which makes us the largest sovereign de jure government in Europa.

We form a transitional, not a permanent power structure. We are here to assist the transformation of the old slave system into a new free conscious rightful and honourable way of life for man on Earth.

We have been given back 200.000 hectares of land from the occupational forces, by contract with the Vatican Pope. We are working on a new constitution for the Land known as Danmark or Danernes Mark.

We hereby declare Council of the Seven Acephali to be the only  de jure government for the Nationen of Danmark.

1. Council


2. Council


3. Council


4. Council


5. Council


6. Council

Fyn & Øerne



we have established a transitional government on lawful basis, consisting of 268 free living men and women of the land formerly known as the Danmark. We form the only lawful de jure government for the people of the people. We are a non profit/non commercial/non fiction organisation whose sole purpose is the freedom of every single man, woman and child born on the land. This is our human right as sovereign beings on this green earth.

Hign Assize:

We the Council of the seven Acephali form the Hign Assize of the land formerly known as Danmark. We have established 7 local self governing councils in all parts of the country. We have established a common law/natural law based High Court: Folkedomstolen. .